A new album by Oh-Ja, a jazz organ group co-led by myself on Hammond B3 Organ and Steve Kortyka, Tenor Sax, is out now. It features Paul Francis on drums and Daisuke Abe on guitar with original compositions and arrangements by the band. This recording is a result of a short tour we did in Ohio in August of 2012 and is a great example of the fun we had playing together. It's available as a digital download for $5 on the independent music website, cdbaby.com as well as on itunes, amazon, and google play (prices may vary on these sites). Click here to check out the music:
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I had a blast accompanying Lady Gaga on a few tunes in her Thanksgiving special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

On YouTube
       "White Christmas"
       "Orange-Colored Sky"
Alex Smith & Lady Gaga on iTunes!
The recordings of "White Christmas" and "Orange-Colored Sky" from the Thanksgiving special is now available on iTunes. (Click here for link)